You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve!

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve!

Presented by: Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC

This course has been awarded: 1.00 AOA credits

Duration: 0:50

Level: Intermediate

Course Description: This presentation is intended to enhance technician training and speaks directly to the work-up tests that technicians perform on a daily basis. All technicians perform history taking, pupillary assessments, confrontation visual fields, and ocular motility exams.These skills are enhanced by a better understanding of the related ocular anatomy and function of the visual system.The instructor will review various ophthalmic skills and concepts that will enhance the technician’s work up and better prepare the patient for the doctor.


  1. Identify when the technician should perform additional ocular testing to address sudden onset of loss of functionality of the ocular muscles, pupils, and lids
  2. Differentiate between afferent (messages from the eye to the brain) and efferent messages (messages from the brain to the eye)
  3. Demonstrate proper techniques for EOM Testing, Pupillary Assessments, Ptosis Measurements, and Confrontation Visual Field Testing