Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer Course

Presented by:

  • Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC, (f)ATPO
  • Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC
  • Rhonda Ullom, COMT, FCLSA, OSC
  • Sergina Flaherty, COMT, OSC, CTC, (f)ATPO
  • Matthew Parker, PhD, LSSMBB, PMP, CTC, COMT, (f)ATPO

This course has been awarded: N/A

Duration: 5:00

Level: Beginner

Course Description: Learn the practical skills to create and deliver an effective, engaging training presentation in an ophthalmic environment, with real life strategies to help you deliver with confidence. Whether you train occasionally or full-time one-on-one or in groups, this course will get you started, or bolster the techniques you are already using.