Common Errors Seen on Ophthalmic Skill Evaluations

Common Errors Seen on Ophthalmic Skill Evaluations

Presented by: Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC

This course has been awarded: 1.00 AOA credits

Duration: 1:00

Level: Intermediate

Course Description: This course will list multiple commonly seen errors found on ophthalmic skill evaluations. New technicians. processing new information may interpret it incorrectly and experienced technicians can fall into bad habit and short-cuts. This course will review how to properly train or retrain on these important ophthalmic skills and concepts. Standard operating procedures, frequent skill evaluations, and proper feedback can correct and eliminate future errors.


  1. List common errors identified during ophthalmic skill evaluations
  2. Review proper testing techniques for these skills
  3. Identify ways to ensure proper technique is followed including creation of clinical SOPs, proper training and instruction, implement training, frequent skill evaluations to ensure competencies