Regional Ambassador Program

Regional Ambassadors are national and international messengers who are enthusiastic and passionate about generating awareness of career opportunities in eye care. They enjoy recruiting, building community relationships, and are excited to share their message through outreach activities, education, personal and public communication, social media, and other resources.

Regional Ambassadors turn their passion into action
Regional Ambassadors personally reach out and build human connections within their circles of influence. They are supported by the program’s Executive Ambassadors. Executive Ambassadors are comprised of ATPO Regional Mentors and certified ATPO members. They enjoy recruiting and are committed to guiding and supporting Regional Ambassadors. There is no limit to the number of Regional Ambassadors we can have. We are a diverse community and welcome those who would like to help ATPO promote Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) careers through local and regional activities.

What are regional ambassadors asked to do?

Regional Ambassadors can participate in one activity or many. At times the Executive Ambassadors may ask you to answer questions from someone interested in a career in ophthalmology, write a message, or attend a local career fair.

Sample activities:

  • Present at high schools and community colleges
  • Attend career fairs and community events
  • Volunteer at informal gatherings and networking events
  • Serve as a point of contact for individuals interested in learning more about the career

The time commitment for Regional Ambassadors is based on what they wish to accomplish, their schedules, and the opportunities available to engage with people on a local or regional level. Ambassadors serve a two-year term and may serve for an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

How regional ambassadors influence

There are numerous ways Regional Ambassadors inspire others. As a volunteer, you can do some or all of the events to the right depending upon your passion and the time you have available. We believe that even the tiniest of steps has the ability to gain traction, and the more you do, the more inspired you will become.

The road to becoming regional ambassador

There are several ways that people hear about the Regional Ambassador Program. Most of our volunteers read about the program and contact us through our website. Some people are introduced to the program when contacting the national office and a few hear about the program from an Executive Ambassador. No matter how you join we welcome you as member of our program and we are here to help support your efforts. We try to make it easy to become involved in this incredible program and we offer resources and personal support.

After you contact us one of our Executive Ambassadors will contact you. We want to make sure that you understand the program and your responsibilities and that you have access to the resources you need.

Regional Ambassadors


Along with help and direction from the Executive Ambassadors and ATPO staff, you will have various print materials available to support your activities.

Some guidelines

The Ambassador Committee develops and monitors the program’s goals and priorities for the Regional Ambassadors. As a Regional Ambassador, you become the face and the voice of ATPO and have a responsibility to treat others in a respectful and courteous manner at all times. You will be asked to complete a report after each activity so that we can track all of the great things our volunteers do to help promote our field and ATPO as a pathway to educational and professional growth.

Regional Ambassadors

  • Will be a member in good standing with ATPO.
  • Will make sure you let us know what you did, how, and the result of your efforts. We want to promote the good things our volunteers do and it is a great way to get others interested in the cause.
  • Will promote AOP careers through local and regional activities and events with the purpose of building awareness of the profession.
  • Will encourage others to help promote the field and recruit potential candidates.
  • Will promote ATPO as a pathway to educational and professional growth.
  • Will conduct one to two activities each year that help promote the field.
  • Will collaborate with the Ambassador Committee to identify goals and directions.

Interested in becoming a Regional Ambassador?

Let us know and one of our staff members will contact you with additional information.