President's Pledge

I am so fortunate to be able to serve as President of the Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology (ATPO), and I hope my actions and decisions will make the members proud.

Matthew ParkerLet me thank ATPO’s Past-Presidents and Board Members. Each of you has brought unique and rewarding perspectives, talents, and ideas to our Association. Your tireless efforts have left ATPO strong and inviting.

My furthermost gratitude goes to my Board of Directors and Committee Volunteers. Their energy, intelligence, creativity, and courage in joining me in our pursuit of Association Excellence are simply beyond compare. Our collected undertaking to grow our ophthalmic community will be the hallmarks of educational and technical development, membership involvement, and building purposeful collaborations that bring distinguishability to both our Association and Members.

I’m excited to be involved in defining timeless moments of organizational discovery coupled with both ambition and passion. I hope to inspire excitement in our ATPO members and all associated organizations, but most of all, I’m excited about living up to our values. With our values in the front, ATPO will continue:

Recruiting, developing, supporting, and retaining a diverse group of exceptional members, faculties, professional affiliations, officers, and managers.

Exampling professional excellence and integrity towards building a culture of open communication that fosters a sense of community; living, learning, and practicing with the highest ethical and clinical standards; and respect for each other’s rights, opinions, and beliefs in a diverse, culturally sensitive and supportive community.

Personal Commitment
Committing to dynamic interdisciplinary standards to improve ophthalmic competencies that impact the overall profession.

Enhancing personal and professional excellence through the design and implementation of quality, memorable education, continued collaborative efforts to grow the ophthalmic community, and welcoming Member Ambassadors.

Your ideas and commitment are indeed welcome. Talk with us on Facebook or email me directly. I look forward to hearing how our community can grow. We are listening!

Warm regards,

Matthew L. Parker, Ph.D., LSSMBB, PMP, CTC, COMT, CST
(US Army Retired)
President, Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology

Past Presidents

Credentials listed were valid at the date the award was issued.

2018 - Jessica M. Barr, COMT, ROUB

2017 - Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC

2016 - Sergina Flaherty, COMT, OSC

2015 - Christine McDonald, COE, COA, ROUB, OSC

2014 - Michelle Kaminski, COT, OSC

2013-2014 - Bobbi Ballenberg, COMT

2012 - Mona Carpenter, BS, COMT

2011 - Martha Moos, BS, COMT, OSA

2010 - Michelle Willis, COMT, OSA, COP

2009 - Aaron Shukla, PhD, COMT

2008 - Karen Susco, COMT

2007 - Mary Kay Smit, COT

2006 - Deborah McDonald, COT, CRA

2005 - Carol J. Pollack-Rundle, COMT

2003-2004 - Natalie Loyacano, COT, CSA

2002 - Krissa Lyse B. Drentlaw, COT, CSA

2001 - Deborah Diggins, COMT, CRA

2000 - Lisa Rovick COMT, CO

1999 - Donna Applegate, COT

1997 - Debra Baker, COMT

1996, 1998 - Ella Rosamont-Morgan, COMT

1993 - Cynthia A. Dean, COMT

1992 - Pamela D. Elder (Lichtenstein), COMT

1991 - Helene G. Siegel, COMT

1990, 1994 - Todd A. Hostetter, COMT

1988 - Phyllis Fineberg (Goldsmith)

1987 - Phil H. Weber, COMT, CRA

1986, 1989 - Paul M. Larson, COMT

1985, 1995 - Yvonne D. Fields Lamb, COT

1984 - John (Jack) Taylor, Jr., COT

1982 - Michelle Pett Herrin, COMT, CO

1981 - Kenneth E. Woodworth, Jr., COMT

1978, 1979 - Linda K. Hirte, COMT

1977 - Norma Garber, COMT

1975, 1976 - Andrea Olliff, COT

1973, 1974 - Doris Clark Gaston, COMT

1972 - Edward Christensen, COT

1970, 1971 - Richard J. Augustine, COMT