President's Message

sgillGreeting ATPO Members!

ATPO has come to the end of another year. It has been a privilege to serve as president for the 2021-2022 year. Over the last year ATPO been navigating the new normal within our world, and we are getting back into the grove of things. We have started to participate at in person events, offer FREE CEs for members again, and collaborated with BSM consulting and ASOA to develop the new CEP certificate offered through BSM to help with training.

I am grateful for all the members of the Board of Directors this year, and I especially extend my gratitude to our current outgoing Past President, Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC and outgoing Director-At-Large Jenn Malin, COT, OSC. It has been an honor to sever on the Board with these ladies, and I look forward to seeing them at events in the future. ATPO will be welcoming new members to our Board, Joel Olivo, COT as Vice President and Sharon Alamalhodaei, COMT, OSC as a Director-At-Large. I am very excited to work with these two wonderful individuals who are an inspiration for many within the ophthalmic community. I would also like to thank our management company, Agentis. They have provided ATPO with support and guidance over the past few years, keeping ATPO relevant through the pandemic and helping us still provide our members with virtual programs and networking events.

Staring August 1st, Rhonda Ullom, COMT, OSC, OCS, OCSR will be starting her presidency and we are looking forward to the in person Eye CAN event at the Hilton Chicago this year in conjunction with the AAO meeting. We will be having a Train the Trainer event and a CE event along with Who Wants to be a Super Tech! We hope to see you all there!

Thank you for your continued dedication and support of ATPO over the last year! We would not be an organization without our members and volunteers. ATPO is your organization, and we will have many opportunities in this coming year to volunteer to be a part of educational meeting, publications, committees, trainings, and networking events. There are also discussions underway with another organization in ophthalmology regarding the possibility of joining forces. We are excited about this opportunity and feel that it could provide ATPO with the brand recognition that it needs to grow in the future. Stay tuned for a formal announcement once things are finalized!

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in Chicago! #EyeATPOdoyou?

Warm Regards,
Sarah R. Gill, COT, CTC, OCS

Past Presidents

Credentials listed were valid at the date the award was issued.

  • 2020 - Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC
  • 2019 - M. Parker, PhD, LSSMBB, PMP, CTC, COMT, CST
  • 2018 - Jessica M. Barr, COMT, ROUB
  • 2017 - Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC
  • 2016 - Sergina Flaherty, COMT, OSC
  • 2015 - Christine McDonald, COE, COA, ROUB, OSC
  • 2014 - Michelle Kaminski, COT, OSC
  • 2013-2014 - Bobbi Ballenberg, COMT
  • 2012 - Mona Carpenter, BS, COMT
  • 2011 - Martha Moos, BS, COMT, OSA
  • 2010 - Michelle Willis, COMT, OSA, COP
  • 2009 - Aaron Shukla, PhD, COMT
  • 2008 - Karen Susco, COMT
  • 2007 - Mary Kay Smit, COT
  • 2006 - Deborah McDonald, COT, CRA
  • 2005 - Carol J. Pollack-Rundle, COMT
  • 2003-2004 - Natalie Loyacano, COT, CSA
  • 2002 - Krissa Lyse B. Drentlaw, COT, CSA
  • 2001 - Deborah Diggins, COMT, CRA
  • 2000 - Lisa Rovick COMT, CO
  • 1999 - Donna Applegate, COT
  • 1997 - Debra Baker, COMT
  • 1996, 1998 - Ella Rosamont-Morgan, COMT
  • 1993 - Cynthia A. Dean, COMT
  • 1992 - Pamela D. Elder (Lichtenstein), COMT
  • 1991 - Helene G. Siegel, COMT
  • 1990, 1994 - Todd A. Hostetter, COMT
  • 1988 - Phyllis Fineberg (Goldsmith)
  • 1987 - Phil H. Weber, COMT, CRA
  • 1986, 1989 - Paul M. Larson, COMT
  • 1985, 1995 - Yvonne D. Fields Lamb, COT
  • 1984 - John (Jack) Taylor, Jr., COT
  • 1982 - Michelle Pett Herrin, COMT, CO
  • 1981 - Kenneth E. Woodworth, Jr., COMT
  • 1978, 1979 - Linda K. Hirte, COMT
  • 1977 - Norma Garber, COMT
  • 1975, 1976 - Andrea Olliff, COT
  • 1973, 1974 - Doris Clark Gaston, COMT
  • 1972 - Edward Christensen, COT
  • 1970, 1971 - Richard J. Augustine, COMT