President's Message

“One must have chaos within to give birth to a dancing star.” - Nietzsche

2020. So many of us in eyecare had high expectations of this year. “The year of vision” seemed to have turned in to the year of chaos. For all of those negatively impacted by the turbulence of the year, be it the current pandemic, civil unrest, the fires raging along the western states, or any of the other numerous tragedies that have occurred this year, collective or personal, please know that I, along with the entire board of directors of ATPO, send our thoughts, prayers, and support.

Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTCI am honored and humbled to write this first message as ATPO’s new president, especially in this current year. I step into this role with much gratitude to our immediate past president, Matthew Parker, PhD, LSSMBB, PMP, CTC, COMT, CST who worked tirelessly this past year as ATPO went through significant changes. His trail blazing left a foot path, making it a much easier journey for myself, and the organization at large. Via this path, ATPO is set to move the needle on some exciting initiatives!

COLLABORATION: ATPO has recently extended registration for its first collaborative symposium with OPS. The OPS-ATPO Virtual Symposium is an online, on demand series featuring courses presented by members of both organizations. We are looking forward to more collaborative events with our OPS colleagues, as well as other professional organizations in this coming year.

INNOVATION: ATPO’s first Eye Career Advancement and Networking Conference (Eye CAN 2020) takes place October 3 and 4. This unique conference will feature ATPO’s Scientific Session and Grand Rounds, as well moderated panel discussions, virtual hands on workshops, networking events, virtual study group, and more! Local Eyesite will be co-hosting a Virtual Career Fair at the same event. Our goal: provide you with knowledge, skills, and inspiration to help you move your career forward!

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: Our Ophthalmic Trainers Special Interest Group and our Electrophysiology Special Interest Group are just two of many ways ATPO is facilitating collaborative solutions to challenges in our field.


  • TRAIN THE TRAINER: Our successful Train the Trainer program will soon be available online! We are also in the process of expanding this program! Watch for Train the Trainer 2.0!
  • LEARN IT HERE TODAY, USE IT IN CLINIC TOMORROW: ATPO is focusing on practical training and education. Our new programs are designed to provide knowledge and skills that will improve your performance in the clinic, the very next day!

FACILITATING NETWORKING: ATPO understands the importance of networking with peers. We will be offering more townhalls, growing our mentor network, and continuing to develop more creative ways to keep you all connected!

OPPORTUNITY: ATPO has many opportunities for member involvement. We are in need of volunteers for committees, special projects, teaching and writing. These opportunities not only keep the organization moving forward but are also great CV builders!

GROWTH AND INCLUSION: We are stronger together! ATPO recognizes the value all members of the eyecare community can bring to the table. We are thrilled to be welcoming not only certified ophthalmic assistants, technicians, and technologists to our organization, but also non-certified AOP, paraoptometrics, opticians and all eye care professionals. Broadening our member base will bring new ideas and solutions to benefit us all.

ATPO is YOUR organization. I look forward to this year of providing opportunities for each of you to enhance and grow your careers! It is with confidence and delight that I say ATPO is truly focused on YOUR future!

Warm Regards,
Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC

Past Presidents

Credentials listed were valid at the date the award was issued.

2019 - Matthew Parker, PhD, LSSMBB, PMP, CTC, COMT, CST

2018 - Jessica M. Barr, COMT, ROUB

2017 - Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC

2016 - Sergina Flaherty, COMT, OSC

2015 - Christine McDonald, COE, COA, ROUB, OSC

2014 - Michelle Kaminski, COT, OSC

2013-2014 - Bobbi Ballenberg, COMT

2012 - Mona Carpenter, BS, COMT

2011 - Martha Moos, BS, COMT, OSA

2010 - Michelle Willis, COMT, OSA, COP

2009 - Aaron Shukla, PhD, COMT

2008 - Karen Susco, COMT

2007 - Mary Kay Smit, COT

2006 - Deborah McDonald, COT, CRA

2005 - Carol J. Pollack-Rundle, COMT

2003-2004 - Natalie Loyacano, COT, CSA

2002 - Krissa Lyse B. Drentlaw, COT, CSA

2001 - Deborah Diggins, COMT, CRA

2000 - Lisa Rovick COMT, CO

1999 - Donna Applegate, COT

1997 - Debra Baker, COMT

1996, 1998 - Ella Rosamont-Morgan, COMT

1993 - Cynthia A. Dean, COMT

1992 - Pamela D. Elder (Lichtenstein), COMT

1991 - Helene G. Siegel, COMT

1990, 1994 - Todd A. Hostetter, COMT

1988 - Phyllis Fineberg (Goldsmith)

1987 - Phil H. Weber, COMT, CRA

1986, 1989 - Paul M. Larson, COMT

1985, 1995 - Yvonne D. Fields Lamb, COT

1984 - John (Jack) Taylor, Jr., COT

1982 - Michelle Pett Herrin, COMT, CO

1981 - Kenneth E. Woodworth, Jr., COMT

1978, 1979 - Linda K. Hirte, COMT

1977 - Norma Garber, COMT

1975, 1976 - Andrea Olliff, COT

1973, 1974 - Doris Clark Gaston, COMT

1972 - Edward Christensen, COT

1970, 1971 - Richard J. Augustine, COMT