Board of Directors


President: Jacqueline Pullos, COMT, OSC, CTC

Like many ophthalmic technicians, Jacqueline's career began as a "happy accident." Twenty-eight years later, she is still doing what she can to preserve, promote, and elevate the profession of allied ophthalmic personnel (AOP) through training, education, and IJCAHPO certification within the practice in which she works, as well as locally, regionally, and nationally. Over the years, Jacqueline said that she has seen many changes in ophthalmology, and medicine, in general. Many of these changes have been exciting and positive, while others have raised concerns. "I believe ATPO represents the best interests of AOP, and is one of the keys to preserving and growing these professions through education, professionalism, and legislative action."


Vice President: Rhonda Ullom, COMT, FCLSA, OSC

Rhonda has been in the field of Ophthalmology for over four decades. As the Clinical Trainer for Virginia Eye Institute, she is responsible for the education and training of more than one hundred clinical associates. Rhonda began her career as the surgical technician for a small private practice in West Texas. With her COT and CRA achieved, she took a position with the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Rhonda had wonderful mentors along the way and never forgot how important that is in order to learn, grow, share, and teach others in this dynamic field of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP). Everywhere her career took her, Rhonda always tried to serve on local and state boards, teach courses for the different organizations, do mission and charity work, and always elevate those AOP around her. Past achievements include Clinic Director, Clinical Research, COA, COT, OSA, CRA, NCLE, and Eye Bank Technician. Being an active ATPO member, serving on the Exam Review Committee, Ambassador Program, Train The Trainer, and now Board of Directors, Rhonda is grateful for the opportunity to continue to teach, share, and elevate AOP in a larger and more impactful way.


President-Elect: Sarah Gill, COT, OSC

Sarah has been in Ophthalmology since 2007. Like many other ophthalmic technicians, she came upon the career by chance when she accepted a position as a front desk receptionist with the intention to train as a technician. She fell in love with the field of Ophthalmology and hasn't looked back. Sarah is the Clinic Coordinator at Eye Care Associates of St. Louis. A trained educator, her motto is, "I love to gain and share knowledge." She uses her passion for teaching to help educate and motivate others in ophthalmology, while also continuing to build her skills and grow professionally. She serves as Chair for the Membership/Marketing Committee and the Education Committee, she is a frequent contributor to ATPO's Monthly Memo, instructs exam certification review sessions for ATPO, and instructs workshops for IJCAHPO. Sarah is eager for the continued opportunity to contribute to the member’s professional and career development. She looks forward to serving ATPO as Vice President and helping to grow the membership and the organization. Sarah is a volunteer for ReSpectacle® and participates in the St. Louis VisionWalk.


Immediate Past President: Amy Jost, BS, COMT, CCRC, CTC

Amy has worked in ophthalmology for 20 years, and has a passion for helping Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) with certification and career growth. She is the Clinical Research and Education Liaison at Cincinnati Eye Institute, where she coordinates continuing education programs and oversees numerous clinical research projects. Amy has been an integral part in developing a Tech Training program and a Train The Trainer program. She is the advisor and a past president of KATPO, which is the Kentucky state chapter of ATPO. She has served on the ATPO Board of Directors since 2013, and is excited about being the President of ATPO. She is focused on increasing membership benefits and creating new and exciting educational opportunities to meet the needs of ophthalmic professionals everywhere.

Mona Carpenter

Treasurer: Mona Carpenter, COMT, (f)ATPO

For the past 39 years, it has been my privilege to work in a variety of ophthalmic settings and practices. I have worked in private practice, at a university clinic, in a cataract/refractive practice, retina practice, as a surgical tech, a photographer, and in Low Vision. This variety has equipped me to have a broad understanding of the challenges facing Allied Ophthalmic Personnel today, and gives me perspective on their educational and professional needs.

For the past five years, I have served on the ATPO Finance Committee, which has prepared me for the Treasurer’s position. It has also been my privilege to serve on the ATPO Board of Directors for the past year as Secretary, and previous years as Director-at-Large and President. I would consider it an honor to be able to continue my work on behalf of the ATPO membership as Treasurer.


Director-at-Large: Beth Koch, COT, ROUB

Beth has been working in ophthalmology since 1987 and has worked her way up from a receptionist to an ophthalmic technician. Along the way, she performed tasks in different areas including assisting in cataract surgery, photography and ultrasonography. She has served on many committees for ATPO as well as lectured and helped run workshops and meetings with both IJCAHPO and ATPO. She is currently working at Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Center as a lead technician for a neuro-ophthalmologist as well as working in the ultrasonography department. As a member of the board, Beth would like to continue to help ATPO grow and wants to inform technicians on all levels about the importance of growing in this ever-changing profession.

Jenn Malin

Director-at-Large: Jenn Malin, COT

Jennifer began her career in ophthalmology over 15 years ago. Over the last 15+ years Jenn has had the ability to work in every specialty with some of the most renowned doctors throughout the state of Georgia including a multi-year stent at Emory Eye Center. Currently, Jenn serves as a lead technician at a practice in the Austin area. She continues to strive to teach and grow in ophthalmology as much as possible. Jenn is currently studying to obtain both her ROUB and then her COMT in the coming years.

Jenn is a proud member of the ATPO and believes that a strong foundation will only continue to grow and stress the importance of our integral work in patient care.


Secretary: Veronica Plessinger, COT